The secret to Crossfit – Universal Scalability

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Crossfti universal scalability

When i studied for my Level 1 (Crossfit L1) Certification back in 2014 the definition of Crossfit was simply ‘constantly varied, function fitness, performed at high intensity’ the concept of Universally Scalable existed and was widely important but it wasn’t built into the definition of Crossfit, so its actually a good thing that the definition of Crossfit has been broadened to include this.

Universal Scalability is probably the easiest component of the definition of Crossfit, in that it simply means that all workouts, all movement can be scaled down, or up to meet the limitations of the athlete, including in terms of movement complexity (squat can be scaled to a box squat), Load, duration, Rep scheme, skill level required (double unders scaled to singles or even triples).

But Universal Scalability also includes adjusting the workout for Injured or adoptive atheletes as well, and by adoptive, we don’t just limit to physical disabilities but also psychological ones as well.

In this sense, Universal Scalability isn’t unique, lots of training protocols facilitate for Universal Scalability, however where Crossfit differs is in applying Universal Scalability without compromising on the other elements that make up the definition of Crossfit i.e. constantly varied, function fitness, performed at high intensity, the art of programming for the scalable population is the mark of a truly competent coach, after all, not all of us have the mobility or experience do work at the kind of volumes and type of movements Games level atheletes are accustomed to, stands to reason, scaling to meet the level without losing any of the ‘magic’ is essential to progressing.

In this context, Universal scalability is a safety valve as much as it is about making Crossfit all inclusive, you need the flexibility to prevent beginners and the newly (over confident) joined athletes from over exerting themselves and causing injury.