Rest and Crossfit

Rest is a crucial part of fitness and training, it allows our body to recover and repair the stressed faced. However Crossfits gung-ho go-getter lifestyle doesn’t necessarily encourage the best Rest habits. i’ve seen athletes do multiple WODs on their rest day.

However to understand what the appropriate amount of rest is, we also need to appreciate that adequate rest is in context of an athletes overall work capacity or rather how developed their fitness, and where on the fitness continuum they sit.

For some athletes Rx’d Fran is a full workout, for others its a warm up, so having a high level athlete perform WODs on their rest day would be reasonable, given their work capacity is not only capable of handling the workload, but also, proportional the the volume of training they do this would be significantly lower in volume, time and load.

For the rest of us however, rest generally means no training at all, at the most a long work or a casual day of sports, but more often, just a day of not doing anything overly physically stressing.

Generally Crossfit’s prescription is to have a 3 day training cycle with 1 day off, so in a given week you’d have 1 day rest. whilst this doesn’t sound like a lot, its important remember that in Crossfits  Constantly varied, functional fitness, at high intensity, that is universally scalable definition, we train for work capacity over broad time and modal domains – meaning that there are heavy days, fast days, slow days, light days. the science and art of good Crossfit programming is to accommodates for the athletes need to recover between training.