General Physical Skills – Power

Power is on of the 10 General Physical Skills thats really the result of combinations of the other 10 General Physical Skills. When we look at the Crossfit Definition of Power, its defined as  – The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.

In simple terms its the physics definition of Power, which is force  x distance over time, or work done, over time. This means that power is a direct result of Strength and speed – which themselves are influenced by the other of the 10 General Physical Skills.

In this sense, Power is really a measurement of the 10 General Physical Skills, and consequently a measure of the athletes fitness.

power graph crossfit

the attached graph looks as the ‘health-fitness “sheet”‘ created by looking at time, power and age, its the goal of Crossfit that at all points that make up the ‘sheet’ the graph moves higher. so in this sense you are improving the athletes power, regardless of time age or workload -hence Crossfit’s aim to improve work capacity over broad time and modal domains.

As mentioned before, power is a direct result of strength and speed attributes, so by improving these elements and their associated elements, one can become more powerful