3min daily mobility sequence

(Credit to bar bend as i read it here)

This mobility sequence was designed as a daily sequence just to get your body primed for the day, consisting of 4 movements that passively stretch. these four movement shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone who’s doing lots of stretching and mobility work, and you’ll notice they focus on the lumbar/hip region and the upper back – probably the two areas that need the most work and attention in our 9 to 5 seated lives, these two areas are also particularly important for Crossfitters given the amount of focus Crossfit gives to the posterior chain and hip extension.

  1. lying leg rotation lumbar stretch

lumbar stretch

being by lying face-up on the bed/floor, then lifting one leg 90 degrees to the floor and rotating it across your body to the opposite floor, you can also do this with your knee bent. you should feel the stretch in your back. Make sure to keep your upper back in contact with the floor/bed.

  1. Cobra post stretch

cobra pose

lying face towards the floor/bed, get into a push up position and push up whilst keeping your hips in contact with the floor/bed, you should feel the stretch along your front from the lower ribs to your abs.

  1. standing thomas stretch

standing thomas stetch

This is a standing and stretching variation of the thomas test. As a test this is designed to look at the range of motion in the hip socket, as a stretch its designed to help improve the range of motion in the hip socket, the standing variation allows for some body weight pressure to be applied which helps make the stretch more effective. being by raising one foot onto a surface ideally higher than knee height, without rotating the torso through the movment, begin to lean into the raised knee, you should feel stretching and change around the ankle, knee and hip of the raised leg.

  1. overhead tspine stretch

over head tspine stretch

This stretch focuses on the tspine, upper back, simply place your hands high on a wall or on the back of a chair, bend forwards keeping your back straight and arms straight, you should feel it stretch your pecs and shoulder region.