General Physical Skills – Coordination

For a sport like Crossfit, it seems odd that Coordination, would form part of the 10 General Physical Skills. But when you consider the complexity of movements and the combination of movements that make up Crossfit, Coordination actually becomes essential.

Coordination is defined as the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement, you can see how almost all compound movement, down to and including something as ‘simple’ as a double under require degrees of Coordination to be developed in order to do, sustain and progress the movement.

For example, a double under involves combining both a double wrist rotation with a high vertical jump. Arguably, at low speed and low reps this is an achievable challenge for most, but where it becomes interesting is when you add the element of volume and speed to the equation, one quickly finds movement quality deteriorates, and this is what makes a Crossfit athelete outstanding, a strong Crossfit athlete should be able to sustain both the speed and movement quality consistently regardless of weight or time variables.

So, to achieve this virtuosity, Coordination forms an essential part of the training of movement mechanics for any Crossfit athlete.