General Physical Skills – Agility

Agility is seen as a very important part of most sports by is typically ignored in terms of fitness training. Its directly related to Coordination, one of the other 10 General Physical Skills and is defined as The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.

Crossfit can often seem like its only about strength feats and high reps, but there’s a huge mental game that happens and part of this mental game is how to quickly and efficiently transition between movements, this is all about coordination and agility, even as a amateur level Crossfitter, i find myself spending time considering how to transition from movements in WODs, it could be as simple as resting 1 rep before the end of a movement so that the last rep of that movement transitions into the subsequent movement seamlessly, or it could be about developing the technique and range of motion needed to do butterfly pull ups to save time over standard pull ups.

all of these ‘time-savers’ focus on efficiency of expending effort and energy, and require the agility to do so. generally in Crossfit its the most efficient athlete that wins, and in a sport of seconds and minutes, agility is crucial in that winning formula.

We can see agility being developed in Crossfit training with movements like double unders, or butterfly pull ups, or in transitions between various movements, and we can also see how agility needs other aspects of the 10 General Physical Skills to be developed  specifically Speed, Flexibility, Coordination and Accuracy.