SpineXLab 5in5 Shoulder

The SpineXLab 5in5 Shoulder focuses on one oft he more vulnerable joints, shoulders mobility is essential for any over head movements, and with all the sitting we do at work in front of computers, stiff shoulders are terrifyingly common, the result is tight scaps, tight tspine and a whole host of issues. 5 movements in 5 minutes can make all the difference.

  1.  pec/ lat rollout
  2. t-spine rollout
  3. pec release shoulder stability
  4. PSOAS release + swimmers/ cobra
  5. beggers

SpineXLab 5in5 Deadlift

The SpineXLab 5in5 Deadlift flow focuses on your posterior chain, priming it for deadlifts, but, like all other SpineXLab 5in5 flows, you can do this any time, the benefits can be felt regardless of if you’re deadlifting or not.

  1. Chest opening mobility – tspine, lats, chest
  2. diaphragmatic breathing
  3. hip hinge prep
  4. hip hinge movement conditioning
  5. seated pelvic tilts

SpineXLab 5in5 General

The SpineXLab 5in5 General flow consists of 5 different movements designed to loosen up the tightest parts of our bodies after a whole day of sitting in front of a desk. The SpineXLab 5in5 General flow is different from other SpineXLab 5in5 flows in that it can be used every day, just to help ‘reset’ your body.

The five movements covered in the SpineXLab 5in5 General flow are:

  1. LacBall arm/scapular mobility
  2. Lat roll and shoulder stability
  3. LacBall PSOAS stretch/glute flex
  4. LacBall to TFL/Leg kicks
  5. LacBall to shin and big toe curls

SpineXLab 5in5

This is one of my recent projects developed with a few friends. Just to note, i’m the one holding the camera. 🙂

The basic idea behind 5in5 is 5 different mobility ‘flows’ for 5 different general movements, treated with 5 mobility exercises that both stretch and strengthen, that only takes 5 minutes.

The 5 different flows are  –

General – for every day use and just as a general warmup or cool down

Running – specifically to treat running

Deadlift – for posterior chain with a focus on priming the body for deadlifts

Shoulders – which focuses on the upper back and the mobility around one of our most vulnerable joints

Squat – treatment for one of the most important movements in any sport.

you can choose to do one flow or all flows as on large mobility workout, and you can choose to use them as a warm up or cool down, or stand alone just as ‘daily maintenance’