About CouchStretch.com

I’ve been Crossfitting since 2012, and earned by Crossfit L1 certification in 2014, since then I’ve received my Crossfit certifications in Mobility, Rowing, Endurance as well as completed the 2015 Judges Course, and the FMS (Funtional Movement Systems) L1 certification.

The turning point in crossfit for me was after I sustained a severe injury (L4/5 Disk herniation) in early 2015, and whilst it wasn’t a good experience by any measure, it was an eye opener, the silver lining is that it shifted my focus in crossfit from the popular “go hard, go fast, take no prisoners” mentality and shifted to a more moderate attitude that prioritised movement, technique and mobility over speed, weight and winning. Since starting on that journey, not only have i recovered from my injury, but i’m stronger and more aware of my body, its abilities and its limitations.

I hope this blog will help others with Crossfit and mobility too!