2017 Open CrossFit and competitiveness

This seasons Open was my best ever in 4 years of competing in the CrossFit open and doing CrossFit. I actually managed to place 18th in the scaled division for my country and age group. So for me, its something i’m very proud of, especially since i was injured with a severe back injury for coming on 2 years and my back has never been the same since.

So CrossFitters might scoff at my score after all its scaled division, but i’m not blessed with a childhood of sports or the genetics of a spartan, I’m not lucky enough to live and work at a gym, where training is what i do 6 hours a day, I’m not rich enough to not have to work a 9-to-5, or rather a 9-to-9 6-days a week. For me, getting a hour 3 times a week to CrossFit is a luxury and an escape that I have to fight for between meetings, deadlines, managing teams and projects, spending time with the other half (who sadly doesn’t possess the same passion for CrossFit), I have to hustle to find those 3 hours outside of family and friend obligations, outside of house chores, food shopping and commuting.

Being competitive is part of sports, but don’t take away from the achievements, no matter how small, 18th in Scaled in a small country might not seem much next to the title of ‘fittest in the world’, but its mine, i’m proud of it and that shouldn’t be any less deserving of respect or considered any less of an achievement.

Thats really the crux of this post, every year we join the open, and every year i meet people who scoff or look down on others for scaling or for not placing high enough. The reality is we are all on our own journeys, there will always be someone ahead and there will always be someone behind. it does no good looking down on those behind, not only do you not know their story or journey, but it does nothing to help you progress. Celebrate successes, no matter how small, afterall, one step forwards, one rep more is all it takes to make progress.

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