Kettlebells, use them

Kettlebells rock, literally they are the single most awesome tool for Crossfit ever. They are a russian creation, used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.  Taking the shape of a large steel ball with a handle at one end. Generally a 16kg 1 pood kettlebell is the Rx’d weight for men, but don’t let that light weight fool you. Kettlebells sit at the crossroads between strength and endurance, a 10 minute AMRAP of kettlebell swings with a 16kg kettlebell is enough to challenge any serious athelete, and it’s this endurance-strength that makes kettlebells so effective, and when you add is some of the skill involved kettlebells become an even more potent Crossfit tool.

the handle of the kettlebell can also add to the complexity by taking traditional kettlebell movements and adding a level of difficultly in the bottoms up position, think a 16kg shoulder press is too easy, try it in the bottoms up position, thing 16kg should press is too hard, use both hands on a single kettlebell, as you can see whilst its limited, there is scalability built into kettlebell training.

next, kettlebell movements like the swing, snatch and clean are not only explosive, but also engage with the posterior chain significantly and help develop that hip-hinge movement thats so important in crossfit,  with volume, load and speed, this can help develop strong position whilst the athlete operates in a fatigued state.

finally, kettlebell juggling, adding in hand releases, switches and direction changes, not only makes kettlebells more fun, but adds an element of timing, coordination and skill, as you can see this all contributes to supporting the development of the 10 general physical skills of crossfit

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