Training Crossfit out of a Globo-Gym

Most Crossfitters tend to prefer training in group classes out of Crossfit boxes. The sense of community and the variety of equipment generally means the purposefully designed space of a Crossfit Box is idea for Crossfit. But, if you’re like me, and generally don’t like the group class setting and would rather train close to home, say at the globogym down the road instead of the Crossfit gym 30minutes away, then Crossfit training takes a little more thinking.

To do Crossfit out of a globogym, you actually need to be really planned about the type of WODs you’re going to do, not only is space an premium but so is equipment. If you’re like me and generally drive as desk job as well, then you’ll only really be able to train during the peak times before or after work.

Luckly for you, i’ve spend over 5 years training Crossfit out of a globogym and have mastered doing Crossfit at a globogym down to a fine art. so without further adieu and in no particular order here are a list of things to help if you’re planning on doing gobogym crossfit, now, this assumes you’re just a regular Crossfitter, not some athlete looking to get to the games, at the end of the day, a Crossfit box is way more suitable for the sport of fitness than a globogym.

  • Bring headphones, a sound track and a timer – nothing worse than hearing the skinny nobby-looking bro benching 65lb holler at the top of his lungs. Timer should be obvious.
  • If you have the flexiblity, i’d personally suggest a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, training spit. I skip tuesdays as i find after 3 days of continuous training its too much and i need to recover. Friday, Saturday, Sunday are generally quite, because other people have a life. Monday is a tough day as thats when everyone is at the gym so equipment on that day is a bit of a hassle. Wednesdays are usually manageable.
  • split your training by the day, if you take my Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, training spit, thenFriday, Saturday, Sunday, i focus on barbell and ‘complex’ WODs, Monday,Wednesday  i either do cardio or kettlebell work complimented by bodyweight movements. I also do mobility on all days.
  • its almost impossible to link any body or weighted movements with a treadmill or rower. so get used to bodyweight/weightlifting splits.
  • if you want to link running (on a treadmill) or rowing to a WOD you’ve basically got to book-end it.
  • WODs with pull ups are difficult either there’s a lack of a pull up bar or some idiot will be hogging it for some random exercise.
  • if you’re using a barbell, try not to change weights or leave it unused for too long, complex-style WODs like the DT are generally good as you’ve got multiple movements linked that don’t need too much running around the gym and can be done without bothering others.
  • lunges, and dumbbell movements are great not only will them help develop unilateral strength and stability but with the limited equipment and space of a globogym they can make a WOD quite spicy
  • cleans and snatches will make you look like a serious bad-ass in the globogym and get you mad credibility with gym bros.
  • bring your own resistance bands and other equipment, my globogym doesn’t have kettlebells so i drag my own 16kg bell from home to use on  mondays and wednedays. its  hassle but it beats waiting for some bros to stop curling in the squat rack.
  • Kettlebells are the single most versatile piece of equipment money can buy you can do a ton of stuff just with a single 16kg kettlebell.
  • its pretty much impossible to follow’s or any conventional Crossfit programming in a globogym, but you can work to some general pattern, for me this consists of Friday – GW, squats and generally a shorter WOD, Saturday – GW, oly lifting and a AMRAP around 20min, Sunday – GW, deadlifts/shoulder press, and a chipper of around 20min-40min, Monday/ Wednesday – W/M, either focus on kettlebell work or cardio, with a kettle bell WOD around 15min long.

below are some examples of the WODs i’ve been doing at my globogym, bear in mind, i’m not programming for any purpose here other than to get a sweat one and just maintain myself, this isn’t what i recommend, just what i do. most WODS are preceded by some level of weight strength conditioning, typically squat, shoulder press, bench press or deadlift, either for volume or for weight.

  • 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 thrusters, bar facing burpees
  • 12min AMRAP, 10 DB snatch, 20 lunge, 10 push up
  • for time, 30 deadlift, 30 hang power clean, 30 lunge, 30 shoulder press, 30 squat, 30 push up, 1km run
  • 10mim AMRAP 15 double kb snatch, 30 lunge
  • 8 rounds – 9 deadlift, 6 hang power clean, 3 front squat, 1 thruster

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  1. awesome…just what i was looking for. unfortunately, gotta leave my box..5years in. getting way to expensive for my family of 3. so, have to do LA fitness…70 a month for 3 people is much better than 350. gotta get creative and this is perfect. thank you for doing the work.

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