Crossfit threshold training

Crossfit places a huge amount of value on the concept of high intensity, especially as means of increasing  work capacity over broad time and modal domains. But the hard part is how to achieve this state of stress on the athlete without compromising safety or compromising on movement Mechanics, consistency, Intensity. Whilst there’s an element of pacing involved, Threshold training is a style of coaching in crossfit where the coach constantly monitors the athlete increasing and decreasing the intensity to meet the athletes changing reaction to the stimulus.

The dilemma is simply that in Crossfit intensity plays such an important role, regardless of the level of athlete, so how do you ensure intensity is as high as safely possible regardless of the level of athletic ability. if the athlete focuses too much on a perfect form they will invariably compromise on intensity, too much intensity and fatigue will compromise technique, a common phrase is often used – ‘do let perfect be the enemy of good’. Thus, in Crossfit the ideally the atheletes technique must be competent enough to be performed safely at the required intensity, and secondly, the technique must be encouraged to be performed s close to ideal as possible without compromising on intensity, hence, this directly supports the application of sound technique in context of increasing  work capacity over broad time and modal domains.

So in crossfit threshold training as the athletes movement quality remains strong, the athlete would be encouraged to speed up, as movement quality begins to diminish towards risky, the athlete would be encouraged to slow down, as the athlete recovers, they are encouraged to speedup once again and thus continuously and constantly advance the margins at which form falters.

its this ability to maintain quality technique at speed that forms the foundation for allowing an athlete to progress their work capacity.

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